We visited the Queen but she wasn’t home.

The Queen and the Royal family have their summer home here at Balmoral, so we decided to make a visit. Unfortunately, it is so cold right now this is probably the last place they would want to be.

We needed to do laundry today so took our clothes to the laundromat and were told to be back in the afternoon to pick them up so we got on the bus for a short ride to the castle.

We are freezing as we wait for some royalty, any royalty, but I think they are not coming!

This is where the Queen’s sentry stay when she is in town and what they need to watch out for.

The slaughter house for game and beautiful flowers waiting to be planted on the grounds.

The Royal lineage.

Queen Victoria and her husband built Balmoral in 1854, the town Ballater, where we are staying, grew up because of the castle. Many of the homes here are also summer homes.

This is our host at Glen Lui in his normal everyday attire. We have been fortunate to stay here for two nights but tomorrow we are off again.

3 thoughts on “We visited the Queen but she wasn’t home.”

  1. Good Lord,
    Just a little summer cabin. That British Royalty gig never ceases to amaze me.
    Sorry the queens stiffed you but we’ll remember this when she comes to Fbxs and No Pole.
    Think sun…….❗️🌅

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