Information Overload!

We learned so much about Scotland today I don’t even know where to start. Julian, owner of Braemar Highland Experience picked us up first thing this morning in his land rover. He took us on a tour into the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. We were immediately treated to a sighting of a whole herd of red deer, stags and hinds. He explained that during mating season the stags are “addled testerone” going days without eating, thinking of nothing else but mating, fighting continuously until they are wretched. His words not mine. We saw red and black grouse, huge hares and beautiful scenery.

Julian was a history buff so filled our heads with Scottish history

After about four hours of touring he dropped us off at the Royal Lochnagar distillery.

There Annie took us on a tour explaining all the ins and outs of turning barley into whisky. We were given two tastings, unfortunately, it is not my drink of choice. I think Sue is the only one who appreciates it.

After dinner we were treated to a little ukulele jam going on in the room next to the dining room.

Tomorrow we are off to Aviemore and more hiking.

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