April 2nd has arrived, day of departure. It is starting out on a good note for me, I just learned I have been upgraded to Saga business class on Icelandair! Yahoo! Icelandair has a very nice feature called “class up” that allows you to bid for a first class seat. You can bid any amount but they do have a minimum. I bid the minimum and it worked! It is a 7.5 hour flight from Seattle to Reykjavik so it will be so nice to do it in comfort.

We will arrive in Reykjavik tomorrow morning at 6 am which will only be 11:00 pm our time so we will need to sleep on the plane since the girls are already talking about a walking tour of the town. I don’t think they have checked the weather there, it is only going to be about 30 degrees but then maybe they don’t care about that. Spending my winters in California has thinned my blood so 60 degrees is cold to me. I can see I am going to have to toughen up to keep up.

We are all coming from different directions, Sue from Az, Tammy from Ak, Joanne from Idaho, and me from Ca. We will all arrive in Seattle within an hour of each other and then the fun begins,

We are together now waiting in the Saga lounge to board our flight. Two of us have business class seats and with that we are allowed to go through security in the premium line. Ok, we are feeling pretty privileged until we get to the scanners and are melded in with everyone and have to take off everything except our shirt and pants, oh socks are ok too. Then something suspicious shows up in my back pack and the girl proceeds to pull everything out showing everyone in the immediate area how many pills I take, all my snacks, making it look like I was afraid they didn’t have food in the UK. I have a good reason for packing snacks which I tried to explain, she obviously was not interested. Sue gets busted for having water in her bag but they just take it away from her. We are all looking forward to an exciting adventure so if this is any indication it will be a good one!

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