Our day started with me trying to put our luggage in someone else’s car. The car was black like the rental and parked right in front of the rental. The back was full of tools and garbage but still I did not suspect until the girls called my name from the real rental. A few hours of sleep doesn’t work well for me. We proceeded to drive toward Reykjavik for coffee in a snowstorm, and to look for a grocery store. We were lucky to find both after about 20 miles only the grocery store didn’t open for another three hours. After we enjoyed coffee and a criossant we googled and found a grocery that was open 24hrs. We went out searching for our airbnb and actually found it but were not able to check in for another 4 hours so we took our time exploring the grocery store. Having spent as much time as we could stand looking at food labels we couldn’t read we paid for our groceries and headed back to the cabin, deciding we would just wait in the driveway and take a little snooze.

The owner finally knocked on the window to inform us we could now move inside. Our plan was to sleep for another hour or so then go exploring. Well that didn’t happen, we just had too much to discuss. When we felt we had exhausted most of our current news we started a rousing game of Euchre with Jo and Tammy beating Sue and I by one point. It was a nail bitter to the end. We have showered and now feeling the lack of sleep creeping up on us again.

Goodnight beautiful Iceland!

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