The winds were whippin’

Corbridge is our starting point for Hadrian’s wall. Our hotel, The Angel of Corbridge has been a coaching Inn since 1752 and was called the King’s Head. It is a charming North Umbria inn located 2 1/2 miles downhill from the wall. We started our day off with Salmon, eggs, bacon and eggs florentine and it’s a good thing we did because we needed all the energy we could muster. The cold wind was catching our packs and pushing us around as we tried to stay upright in the mud but we were grateful it was at our backs. We walked through beautiful fields and forrests and past cute little lambs just recently born. We were told many of the lambs have died in the cold this year. Occasionally we would come across a set of stairs we needed to climb to get over the wall. At first we thought they were really cool but after the 15th one or so they lost their charm.

We met quite a few people on the trail traveling the opposite direction, one lady and her 10 year old daughter were hiking the full length with their black lab, Maverick. We also met a wonderful gentleman who is a volunteer for the Hadrian path. Checking on hikers, looking for areas that may need repair and just being all around helpful.

By my walkmeter app we covered 11 miles part of which may have been in Corbridge. At Chollerford we stayed at the Hallbarns Bed and Breakfast, our hosts were Margaret and Dick Locke. Margaret cooked us a wonderful English dinner of ham, potatoes with gravy and steamed vegetables. Dessert was a carmel toffee cake with ice cream. That is why we don’t loose weight on these hikes!

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