Closed at every turn, so we went to the bar instead

After 12 hours of sleep we still didn’t feel the need to rush into the day so we proceeded to solve all the problems of the world, then planned our activities. We gathered our swim suits, towels and snacks to head out to the famous hot springs of Iceland. After an hour of driving we arrived at Reykjadalur geothermal area for a wonderful dip in the hot springs. As we were getting out of the car a lady approached us to say the trail is closed to the hot springs due to muddy conditions. She told us of another hot springs in Hveragerdi, down the road, so off we went. Since we got such a late start it is now early afternoon and we are really getting hungry. A girl in a shop recommended “the Old Hotel” down the street. We had the most wonderful lunch before going to the community hot springs.

With our hunger satisfied we headed off to the hot springs, but when we got there the sign on the gate said closed at 1pm. Foiled again! Ok, if no hot springs, lets just go to the Viking museum. We drove into Reykjavik found the museum, parked, walked up to the front door and read the sign! Closed for renovation! That’s it, we are headed to the Lebowski’s bar for a shot of Iceland’s brennivin!

served by this guy.

On our way home we saw lots of people out riding their Icelandic horses!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Iceland and fly to Manchester, it has been an experience here that we would do again!

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