Roman History 101

We took a side trip today to the Northumberland National Park information center and the Roman Army Museum. We were given an interesting insight into how the original wall looked and how the soldiers lived. We learned there were deep ditches dug by hand through rocky areas for an added protection which were called vallums. Hadrian was in an arranged marriage but never had any heirs, he studied architecture and designed the Pantheon in Rome. Harsh northern winters, the threat of war never far away and living side by side with fellow soldiers made life for them very difficult. Soldiers were sometimes required to march 20 miles a day wearing sandals and carrying heavy equipment including their food and cooking equipment.

Our hikes took us through fields of sheep with their new lambs, past stone house ruins and a beautiful babbling brook.

We reached Gilsland, checked into Samson Inn and had some time before dinner to get in another game of euchre. Tammy and Sue won this game making Tammy the common denominator for the wins so far.

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