And the Sun Shone Upon Us!

Hiking through the fields, listening to the sheep baaa at their lambs with the lambs bleating back, the birds singing, and an occasional cow mooing was the most calming experience. The sun was warm, the daffodils are flowering, the the Brits are all out working in their yards. This is our last day hiking the wall but it has been a beautiful one. The people we have met on the trail say this is the best day so far this spring. If I had any problems in my life I could have solved them all today in my state of mind, instead I tried to send my positive feeling to those in my family I love that are struggling right now.

We learned today from some English ladies about the Reivers. The area we are in is known as the boarderland as it is close to the Scottish border. It was an area that housed a society of lawless Scots that stole sheep, cows, horses and women from the Brits. The Reivers stole anything portable but mainly the livestock. I am not sure in what era this took place but it lasted over 300 years and we were told the word Reiver is where we get the word bereavement (to lose someone).

Besides the many stairs we had to climb to get over the wall we also had to go through these little gates that keep the sheep in, you entered one side, moved the gate in front of you, then exit the other side. Both the stairs and gates always had a deep mud pit on both sides which we could not understand and were difficult to navigate.

We came across a sign warning us of cows aggressively protecting their calves, it was pointed out that all anyone needed to be able to do was out run me, so of course we came right up on those cows, don’t you know I was nervous.

Last night at the Samson Inn they had music so we went down to listen. Turns out it was a jam session just like Jim takes part in at home. It was a fun way to end the evening.

Out stay tonight is in the beautiful Oakwood hotel in Brampton.

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