Canny Mind

Scottish slang for forgetfulness is “I have a canny mind” which really sums up the reason for this blog. In the future when we talk about our UK trip my “canny mind” can recall the details of our wonderful experiences.

The walk from Aviemore to Boat of Garden was a short one of about six miles but a beautiful six miles it was!

It is a well trodden path with many people just out for a walk and bikers going back and forth. We walked into Boat of Garden just before noon and found a beautiful community garden to eat our sandwiches or whatever. Sue just finished reading the book “Clean Protein” by Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich so has sworn off meat, no sandwiches for her! We are all interested in reading the book but I think I will have to ease into it cause I really like meat.

Our hostess picked us up after we bought some snacks to have for dinner and brought us to her lodge, The Docharn. It is absolutely beautiful, so modern and comfortable, we were happy to stay in and have our dinner here.

We are finding Scotland to be very energy efficient, probably due to the high cost here. This lodge is fully equipped with led lights, artificial lighting and auto lights. We saw a truck advertising the reuse of cooking oil and foods.

It is my Dad’s 96th birthday which I am missing, this picture is of my brother and his family helping to celebrate.

We were scheduled to hike 11 miles to Grantown today but the weather is rainy with 30-40 mph winds, we are not sure we could stay upright, nice to have this comfortable lounge area to spend the day.

One thought on “Canny Mind”

  1. Happy Birthday Pard. You have many reasons to celebrate.
    “Sue has sworn off meat……”. Well now, I can’t wait to hear about this.
    Thanks for the report. Glad the accommodations are “barely acceptable”.
    Hike on ladies, hike on……


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