Giant’s Causeway

If you ever get the chance to hike the northern coastline of Ireland you will undoubtedly come across the Giant’s Causeway which is an area of interlocking basalt columns created by an ancient volcanic fissure eruption. The tops of the columns form hexagonal stepping stones. The cliffs above are columns of solidified lava. We had a great time climbing around there but our route away from there took us up 150 rock steps, our biggest challenge of the day. Even though the winds can be cold and the rain comes and goes continually the scenery is some of the most breath taking in all we have seen.

A good day all around!

We were joined by big bird!

One of the past filming areas for Game of Thrones

Taking a rest!

She scrambled all over the rocks

The dreaded staircase

Interesting use of willows

Nothing “fair weather” about these golfers

We were told this is owned by a very rich man who has turned it into apartments. He lives in one house, has another for his staff and then the large apt building

Sue’s dinner, no meat anywhere in that pile!

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