The roads in the UK are pretty small, even smaller than some of our back roads, occasionally our hike requires us to walk along the side of these roads. The drivers don’t slow down for walkers at all, they just trust that we are going to stay out of their way. Today’s hike took us along a very crooked road where the cars could not move over at all for us and the banks were steep not giving us much room to get off the road. The rain and wind had begun to pick up when all of a sudden a taxi van stopped and the Irish driver yelled “git in, yees gonna die!” We didn’t ask questions we just jumped in cause we were feeling the same way! Turns out he was a private hire by two young girls from America. They were here for a friends wedding and were on their way to the rope bridge. So were we! We have the luck of the Irish! The bridge is called the Carrick-a-Rede and is a big tourist attraction today. You pay 6£ to walk across and back risking your life to stay on. I chose not to since I didn’t know how long the Irish luck thing is good for. The girls got over and back just fine as did 300 other people but you can never be too sure. Once there was only a single hand rope which fishermen used to cross the gorge daily. They did this carrying their catch and fishing gear, only needing one hand to guide them. The fishery only operated in the summer so the rope bridge was dismantled and stored every winter. Just as the girls finished crossing the rain and wind started coming on strong. We only had about a mile or so more to go so we put our heads down and took off.

This is Gerry, the man that saved us!

This is Sue carefully putting one foot in front of the other.

Even the sheep couldn’t take the wind and rain.

For all you Game of Throne fans turns out they are filming right behind our bed and breakfast. This gentleman is one of the security charged with keeping all the star watchers away, we had a nice chat with him as our hike brought us in behind their lines. He then decided he would show us where our bed and breakfast was located and use the lue at the-same time. He spent a long time talking so must have had lots of break time coming.

Not sure what goes on here.

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