We ate in every restaurant in town!

Being in the small community of Cushendall, or any small community, has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The people are soooo friendly, today a lady in a car actually stopped to ask us if she could help us find something. The disadvantage could be that we ate lunch at Harry’s and dinner at Joe’s and now we are out of choices other than the grocery store. We will probably do lunch at the store tomorrow, then start over with the restaurants. Today was a travel day but even on those days we manage to get in at least six miles just exploring or walking to and from meals.

On our way to dinner we noticed girls playing a game with a paddle and ball, after inquiring we learned it is called Camogie. Camogie is an Irish stick-and-ball team sport played by women; the men’s version of the game is called hurling and is supposedly much rougher. We spoke to a man getting ready to play and he thought the girls might be just as rough if not rougher. The only protection worn are helmets and shin guards. The man told us it was similar to field hockey or LaCrosse.

Across the street from our bed and breakfast

The Meadows B n B, our home for two nights

A walk about town

No explanation needed!

no internet for a couple of days so this is two days post.

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