Awww, the beauty of Ireland on a sunny day!

We have been treated to a rare April day in Northern Ireland. The views have been spectacular! The hike has been long but worth every step.

The first five miles was going up in the hills, the rest was coming down by beautiful waterfalls and a river.

This sums up our day.

On our way back down we came to a restaurant, perfect timing as we were hungry and ready for a rest. A man greeted us at the door, Tammy says “four for lunch please” He replied “we are closed until six pm.” Our hearts sank as we were really needing to have a break. The only thing Tammy could think to say was “it doesn’t say that in our brochure” which didn’t mean a thing to the man. He must have seen the disappointment in our eyes cause he then quickly admitted he was just kidding. Or maybe he thought we were going to kill him, I am not sure. Anyway it was a wonderful lunch!

3 thoughts on “Awww, the beauty of Ireland on a sunny day!”

  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Also, according to your gps map, I think I see a way you could cut about 5 miles off that walk. Just a thought for next time;)


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