Rathlin Island

If you have read the book “Dead Wake” by Erik Larson about the Lusitania you would read about Guglielmo Marconi. Lloyds of London asked him if he could set up a wireless or radio link at Rathlin. They needed to know as quickly as possible, that ships insured by them had crossed the Atlantic safely. If they could be seen from Rathlin then they were in safe enough waters. Together with George Kemp and Edward Glanville, Marconi set up a transmitter and aerials at the lighthouse on Rathlin and Ballycastle. This was the very first time anywhere in the world that regular radio communications for a commercial purpose was transmitted.

This lighthouse has been flashing a warning to ships since 1856.

We took the 45 min ferry ride out to the island then hiked out to the lighthouse. This is a beautiful peaceful island with about 200 residents. Stopped and had a drink in the local pub while we waited for the ferry. This also gave us enough time to get in another game of euchre and once again Tammy prevails as the only one undefeated! We had to sit up top on the way back which was a little weathery!

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